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Our aim is to help our customers organise unforgettable events that support the organisation’s strategy.

Meet Eventforum

Eventforum was established in Finland in 2004.

We help our customers set objectives for events, plan concepts, estimate budgets and collect a suitable target group. Whether it is a conference, celebration or a series of events over several years.

Together with our subsidiary Speakersforum which specialises in conveying speakers, hosts and coaches, we offer high-quality content for events and meetings, as well as high quality coaching. Our extensive contact network consists of more than 7,000 experts, among whom there are speakers, hosts and coaches for any event.

TF Group

Eventforum and Speakersforum are part of the Swedish TF Group. TF Group employs more than 70 employees and is the Nordic countries’ largest group that focuses on event consulting, training and the conveyance of speakers. TF Group was established in 1995.

TF Group participates in planning and producing more than 5,000 events and seminars each year. The Group is widely represented in the Nordic countries and in Estonia: In addition to Finnish operations, it includes Talarforum Sweden, Competenceforum Estonia, Talerforum Norway and Talerforum Denmark.


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