One team, all services

Our team, which consists of top professionals, serves our customers on the way to success.

Our services

Our customer-oriented project management team operates as both a strategic sparrer and a coordinator for organising events. We prepare a plan and monitor implementation in order for our customer to achieve their objectives.


We operate as a partner and advisor for companies in the field of event planning. We consult and map the needs of our customers, and advise how they can utilise the events strategically in their business operations.


Our subsidiary Speakersforum Finland is a company that specialises in conveying speakers, hosts and coaches. Our extensive contact network includes speakers, hosts and coaches for any event.


We implement the production of events together with our subcontractors. In addition to usual, practical arrangements, production also includes everything from planning the performances to challenging logistics.


Our service results in a successful event which meets the customer’s objectives and attracts the right people to be inspired and provided with enthusiasm.